Taqnor Lighting and Electrical Supplier

TAQNOR is a leading fast growing lighting company, we are aiming to be a dominant player in the Electrical Contracting and Supplying market in Egypt in the next 5 years, we started our company in 2010 with complete vision and clear mission, our professional team of Management, Engineers, and technicians was the greatest fuel that pushed us forward to be at what we are standing now. We are able to supply our clients with all their needs from LED lighting (indoor & outdoor) with very competitive prices and with the highest standards, also we can provide our products with Europe Components like PHILIPS, CREE and TRIDONIC.

Our Services:

  • Suppling lighting products
     We can help you choosing the best
  • Technical support
     Staying with you in every step until you are satisfied
  • Providing lighting studies
     We can tell you what products fit your project and where to install them
  • Warranty on all products.
     Our products come with more than 3 years of warranty

Why US?

  • Highest Technology
  • Quality control
  • Best prices
  • Safety
  • Environment
  • Supply chain
  • Technical support
  • After sales services

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